Duxford-Update is an unofficial website, which illustrated the aircraft and military vehicles on display at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, near Cambridge in the U.K.  Coverage was via a series of photo-pages & included the IWM collection exhibits plus the many privately owned warbirds and vehicles maintained on the site.

However, due to changing interests I am gradually winding down the website. before closing the "Duxford-Update" section completely. As the current museum exhibits material is no longer maintained and updated by regular visits, I have decided to remove this first. The remaining archive material will remain for a few further weeks.

If you are looking for details of museum opening times, air displays and special events: (Click here for the official IWM website)


Model Rail Workshop:

More recently, model rail activities, involving electronic updates to OO gauge contemporary British locomotives or DMUs and computer layout control, have taken up an increasing proportion of my time and the website.

To access the Model Rail Index Page, please use this link:

Model Railway

NB Model Rail content will continue and now becomes


NB: Its been quite a while since I last visited the Duxford Museum Site!
Interests have changed and as the aviation aspects of the website are no longer maintained, I think its time to call it a day!
(Model Rail content continues under new web address http://www.dcc-updates.uk)
I'll leave the site in place for a few weeks, so in the unlikely instance of any interest in the current photos or the beams and radar pages, please feel free to copy any of my original content for non commercial use.
For ongoing up-to-date photos and info on IWM Duxford, I recommend regular visits to the Forum website linked below.
Many thanks for past interest and emails!
Martin   (email duxfordupdate@gmail.com)


For the latest Duxford News, please see the Links below:

For often day by day news on Duxford action,  check out David's,  Tony's and Brian's regular Forum entries in the Key Publishing Forum website. Look for the forum entry: "Duxford Diary (2016)" and select the most recent page.


Also Brian's website DUXFORDfotoGALLERY updated regularly via  Duxford Bimbles