Hornby B17/6 Kilverstone Hall


Another loco aimed mainly at our extended "Little Histon" layout, to add to the LNER stock running through the station.

Hattons photo of 2842

Condition as received:

Another bargain from Hatton's Hornby sale....... Just a faulty fit on the tender 4 way electrical connector, which was semi retracted. Looks fixable so not a problem.  A test run using a DC power supply shows some hesitation at very low speed in both directions. The motion looks OK superficially, but I think its worth dismantling so that a more detailed look can be done. With the motor detached, it will be possible to see if the problem is due to a connecting rod, valve gear or wheel quartering issue. Also the pivot points can all be reliably lubricated. 


The dismantled chassis with the motor turned through 180 degrees to decouple it from the motion.


Chassis Evaluation:

The chassis seems quite smooth with no sign of tight spots even with very gentle movement. However all the pivot points and the wheel bearings are now lubricated and the chassis has received some enthusiastic to and fro movement at speed on a short piece of test track, in the hope of accelerating the running in process.  next re-assemble and re-test with DC power.

Still not as smooth as I would like. Try reducing the pressure of the worm gear down on to the first cog by inserting a spacer...... 0.2mm better! 0.4mm worm dis-engaged.

0.2mm spacer left in place.

Re-assembled and it seems the 4 wheel truck is creating intermittent metallic clunks...... lubricate the axles & add a washer between the spring and truck: ................Sorted!


Tender Modifications:

This time I'm going to install an ESU 20x40mm speaker in its standard enclosure.  I've removed part of the internal coal hopper so that the speaker can fit facing downwards a few mm above the tender base, which has some additional holes drilled to let the sound out a little fore effectively. The Zimo SC68 will fit between the speaker and the sidewall and the Zimo decoder, plugged into an ESU 21 pin adapter board, sits between the speaker and the dummy coal load. I'll fit "liquid gravity" in any unused parts of the tender to provide a bit of ballast weight.

The original 8 pin socket is discarded and the wires routed instead through a hole in front of the speaker, up to the 21 pin adapter PCB solder pads.

Ballast weight is provided by the multitude of tiny steel balls in the liquid gravity, glued together.


Lighting Arrangements:

This time, there will be no lighting installed initially. Instead white disc(s) will eventually be used for daytime headcode purposes. Firebox lights and headcode lights maybe fitted later when time and other commitments permit.


Decoder CV Adjustments:

The Zimo 644D has Paul Chetter's A3 sound project on board. It has been removed from the earlier gloss version of Hornby's Scotsman, which has now been de-activated (replaced by the more believable matt version). The only CV change required is  CV267, which needs adjusting to set the chuff rate to 6 per driving wheel revolution. 

Reduce CV267 to 54 to achieve 6 chuffs per wheel revolution (Gresley 3 cylinder beat).


The Railroad Gresley coaches were not quite the bargain I expected, Their plastic wheels will need to be replaced with metal types.


Adding the bagged items and re-testing:

Having added the front steps, wheel guard struts, cylinder drain pipe assemblies and brake hoses, I resumed testing.


Motor control:

The loco behaves very well in the forward direction, but exhibits some intermittent hesitation when moving in reverse. This is similar to the earlier BR B17/6. This time I'm confident that there are no issues with the rods and other aspects of the motion. I've carefully lubricated all the motion linkages and run the chassis with the motor removed, without a hint of resistance to motion. This would suggest the issue must be linked to motor or worm gear behaviour.  (The stay alive capacitor system is working well, so the cause is not wheel contact related.)


Running smoothly in the forward direction, but still a bit of hesitation in reverse.


The train crew are equally puzzled.


Supplier website links:
Hattons    B17 nd railroad Gresley coaches both sourced from Hattons
Digitrains    Source for Zimo stay alive super cap, speaker and Zimo DCC decoder


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