Bachmann Class O4 2-8-0


Another loco aimed mainly at our extended "Little Histon" layout, for an early 30s time frame.

LNER Class O4 number 6184

Locomotive Application:

Our village layout models Histon Station over a number of time periods. The O4 was used to haul long slow un-braked LNER coal trains from the Yorkshire coal fields down to London in the 1930s and 40s. To avoid holding up traffic on the East Coast Mainline, much of this traffic was routed down secondary lines between the local passenger services, including the March-St Ives-Cambridge branch line on which Histon station is located. These trains contributed to big delays at the level crossing next to the station (both road and foot traffic).

A Heljan O2 was originally obtained for this job, but its drive mechanism has not been quite the same since a slight accident with the rods. The O4 provides a more reliable alternative.


DC Running Test:

To make sure there are no inherent mechanical or electrical issues with the drive system, the loco was placed on a two yard test track and powered from my DC bench power supply. Movement was OK with quite reasonable slow running performance. 


DCC Sound Fit:

There is quite a lot of available space for the decoder, speaker and stay-alive arrangements in the tender. Enough room for an ESU 50334 20x40mm speaker in its original enclosure plus a Zimo MX644D decoder mounted on an ESU 21 pin adapter board. Even squeezed  an AVX 6800uF 15Volt super-cap with zener diode charging voltage protection circuit in.



Lighting Arrangements:

With our first public demonstration of the updated village layout fast approaching, there was no time to add LED lighting. Instead a white disc, to indicate through mineral traffic, was used for daytime headcode purposes. Firebox lights and headcode lights maybe fitted later when time and other commitments permit.


Decoder CV Adjustments:

Usual Zimo housekeeping and:

Adjust CV267 to achieve 4 chuffs per wheel revolution (2 cylinder locomotive).

Then re-map the sound functions to our village layout standard arrangement.



Adding the bagged items and re-testing:

Having added the glue-on & attached items, plus the footplate crew (from Bachmann) I resumed testing.

Sound quality:   Fine!

DCC Motor control: The loco behaves well throughout the (relatively slow) speed range.





Supplier website links:
Hattons    The 2MT was sourced from Hattons
Digitrains    Source for Zimo stay alive super cap and Zimo DCC decoder


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